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    I&#039;ve got a very simple SQL statement:<BR><BR>INSERT INTO tblProcessed3<BR>SELECT FormID, Score, First8, Last27<BR>FROM tblProcessed2<BR>ORDER BY [Score] DESC;<BR><BR>The problem is that the descend command is being ignored. The field does sort, but it sorts ascending, not descending. The field in question is numeric, not text.<BR><BR>Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Why do you care HOW it&#039;s inserted it into the table? There are no guarantees on where anything gets in there.<BR><BR>Stick it in. Then, when you extract it for display, use your DESC

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    Default DG is right unless...

    ... you are saying that you have an autonumber field in tblProcessed3. In which case I would expect it to have worked.<BR><BR>Hang on, let me check.<BR><BR>Yeah, I just checked, and it worked fine. I would have to guess that you have no autonumber field in tblProcessed3 and then, when you display the new records, the order you see them in is essentially randomly picked by the db. Unless you use an ORDER BY in *that* display.<BR><BR>

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