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    Default iframes and javascript

    I'm using multiple iframes on a page and use javascript to open several pages within the iframes. I now want to change the content of the originating frame, ie the one you click the link in (to see what I mean, go to http://www.bilyara.co.uk/iframes/iframetest.asp). I now want to change the frame with 'open' in too. I'm a little shaky on javascript so please be gentle. Many Thanks.

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    Default Not going to work as is

    Your "open" link (the one that callse the loadframes() function) is *NOT* in any frame.<BR><BR>It&#039;s simply in the main &#060;BODY&#062; of the entire window.<BR><BR>If you replace it, you have to re-load the entire &#060;BODY&#062;, and that means that all the contained &#060;IFRAME&#062;s will have to be reloaded.<BR><BR>Of course, if that&#039;s okay with you--it&#039;s okay to essentially load in an entirely new complete window--then you don&#039;t need to do anything special. <BR><BR>But assuming you want that part with the "open" to be independent, then you&#039;ll have to put it into a separate &#060;IFRAME&#062; of its own.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t suppose you care that some older browsers do not support IFRAMEs?<BR><BR>

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