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    Looking for a simple report solution using ASP and Access.<BR><BR>I want to allow the users to select table, fields to be in the report. Then allow them to specify criteria for the query.<BR>Would output to simple table in browser. I guess it would need to detect all existing tables and field names and dynamically build an interface to manipulate.<BR><BR>Know of any scripts or examples for something like this?<BR>Or direction on how to build this?<BR>Thanks!

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    Default Not too hard to do...

    The hard part is coming up with a criteria-builder that is flexible enough for everything people want to do.<BR><BR>The table and field names part is easy enough: Look into ADODB.Connection.OpenSchema method. By specifying the right values, you can get a list of all tables. Then a different value gives you a list of all fields in that table, together with the field types and sizes. [You need the types to know when to put &#039;...&#039; around text values, #...# around dates.]<BR><BR>I&#039;d suggest a relatively simple approach to building the query. &#060;SELECT&#062;s for AND/OR conjunction, the field name, and the comparison type. So only one text input form field per clause of the query. And don&#039;t allow parentheses. If they need something that complex, let them eat cake.<BR><BR>

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