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    Default INPUT TYPE=FILE and ASP

    Hello There!<BR>I want to enable users on my site to upload pictures that go directly into the /images directory of my website. I figured I&#039d use<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="fileName" SIZE="40"&#062;<BR><BR>or something similar to it, and doing what I wanted would be fairly straightforward. Well, so far it isn&#039t. HTML references I have seen say very little about this input type, and just using my intuition isn&#039t cutting it. I figure maybe I can do something on the server side through ASP to "grab" on to what is being sent; using the Request object as I would to grab other input values perhaps? Maybe I need some sort of 3rd party DLL to handle uploads like this? (I hope not!). <BR><BR>Anyway, I can&#039t find out how to to it, and any direction is appreciated.<BR><BR>Respectfully yours,<BR><BR>Matt G.<BR>

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    Default RE: INPUT TYPE=FILE and ASP

    You could check out the following article, which is a pure ASP / VBScript upload solution.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Or you could use a 3rd party solution. There are some mentioned in the above article.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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