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    I have a class library that I have written to consume a PayPal refund service. It works great locally, but when I move the dll to the server and try to use it, the dll hard errors giving me an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". This error is not trappable. I&#039;ve wrapped all of my code in try/catch blocks and still get the hard failure. I know that the code indside the dll is solid and works inside it&#039;s testbed application and in another application on the same machine. <BR>Here is my development box:<BR>Windows XP SP2, .Net Framework 1.1 SP1, Microsoft WSE 2.0<BR><BR>Here is my target:<BR>Windows 2000 Server, .Net Framwork 1.1 SP1, Microsoft WSE 2.0<BR><BR>Any idea what I am missing? I&#039;m ready to lose it here! Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Morgan

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    hi mate<BR>did you ever solve this problem ?<BR>I&#039;m having a similar one - I get a "Method Not Found" on a sub in my DLL.<BR>cheers<BR>ajm

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