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    We have 2 ASP.NET apps connecting to an Oracle 9i database on a 2003 Server with the Microsoft Managed Data Provider for Oracle. These apps have been running without any modification for over 6 months. Yesterday, our system admin installed new Microsoft Security patches, including MS05-004 for the .NET Framework. Now when the apps execute a "" command, they get an error. One app says "Unable to find an entry point named OCIEnvCreate in DLL oci.dll". The other apps says "System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater." The patches were removed, but the apps still won&#039;t work. The Oracle client has never been on the server since the full database package is installed there. We installed the 9i client to see if it would help, but get the same error. The ASPNET user has full control of all Oracle folders. We have also removed and re-installed the .NET framework. Everything I find on the web about these errors either say to install the client or make sure the APSNET user has proper priveleges. That was all done months ago and we have been running fine. Anyone have any thoughts on what to try. Reinstalling back to where we were 2 days ago is going to be very difficult since the server is in constant use. Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Huh...That&#039;s a new one to me. <BR>My two rather unhelpful suggestions would be to:<BR>1) If you have a support agreement with either Microsoft or Oracle, mow might be the time to invoke it and see if they can tell you what&#039;s gone wrong.<BR>2) If you go to the ASP.Net Forums at and scroll down to the sectoin titled "Data Disscussions", they have a forum specifically for connecting to Oracle from ASP.Net where you might have a better chance of running into someone who&#039;s seen this, as opposed to this general ASP.Net board.<BR><BR>Best of luck.

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