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    I am creating a dynamic survey creation tool.<BR><BR>I was told by that the way to do this would be using dictionary objects.<BR><BR>I am wondering if anyone here could help me out.<BR>I am guessing that I will just be using one dictionary object for each survey created.<BR><BR>Basically I have to store multiple sets of information for each question (i.e. Question Number, Question Text, Question Type, etc ...)<BR>Then I will need to reorder the questions on request. So swap question 1 with question 2.<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me how I owuld set this up?<BR>Would I make the name of the keys something like "Question1" "Question2" and then have another key value something like "Question1Type" "Question1Text" ?<BR>I am just wondering if that is the best way to set it up?<BR><BR>Is a dcitionary even the way to go?<BR>Should I be using a temporary database?<BR>Array?<BR>Can someone help please?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Database. Period.

    And not a temporary database, either.<BR><BR>Dictionary object is useless: You can&#039;t save it any place useful.<BR><BR>For the reordering: Depends on what is required. Random reorder or specific? If random, easy to do starting from the DB. If specific, add another DB table that specifies the order.<BR><BR>

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