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    I have a number of hidden fields which are created dynamically.<BR><BR>So for example I could have : -<BR><BR>txtlan1 <BR>txtlan2<BR>txtlan3<BR>txtlan4<BR><BR>When I submit the page I don&#039;t know how many I could have so I can&#039;t do <BR><BR>request("txtlan1")<BR>request("txtlan2")<B R>request("txtlan3")<BR>request("txtlan4")<BR><BR> So how do I loop through the submitted data? Can I do something like this or an equivalent<BR><BR>request("txtlan" & num) <BR><BR>Your thoughts please.

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    when you dynamically create them on forms page, you already have a counter for the loop to build them.... right?<BR><BR>If so, have a hidden field inside form to store the last number used from that loop...<BR><BR>then<BR><BR>For i = 1 to Request.Form("MyCounter")<BR>request("txtlan" & num)<BR>Next

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