I have a datatable with 2 columns and datas pertaining to individual columns.<BR>Iam able to display this data in grid.<BR>The user has the option to change the column item to someother name in the grid.(These column name doesn&#039;t exist in the datatable its hardcoded for the user to display them. This is a wizard based module Iam developing.<BR>When the user selects a column in the grid different than the one that exist in the datatable I need to get the column values accordingly which would be the same values,and in the next screen(which has all the column names) I need to map the user selected column to the one in the third screen with the row values same as the datatable.<BR><BR>The problem is Iam unable to map the column values from the second screen to the third screen. I know I have to get the column position and map but please let me know how can I achieve this.<BR><BR>Thanks