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Thread: Teradata C# example?

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    Default Teradata C# example?

    I need to connect to a Teradata database and run a query that returns a dataset.<BR><BR>Can anyone point me to some easy to read example C# code? <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default How is it different than any other DB?

    Except for the connection string, that is:<BR>http://www.able-consulting.com/MDAC/ADO/Connection/ODBC_DSNLess.htm#ODBCDriverForTeradata<BR><BR>The link there is old, but it takes you to front page of Teradata site & from there you can do a search for "ODBC Driver".<BR><BR>Hmmm...or look here:<BR>http://www.teradata.com/t/go.aspx/index.html?id=130135<BR><BR>Anyway, once you&#039;ve made the connection it&#039;s all the same as any other ODBC database. You have to use the SQL Syntax that Teradata understands, of course.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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