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    hi! friends, i&#039m trying to connect to ORACLE db, i used the connection string as like we use for SQLSERVER, it is saying what format should be the connection string for oracle. what are the para meters we need to pass to the connection string like for SQL we will give dsn,uid, password and for ACCESS only dsn name we&#039ll give like that for oracle what is the format ? and what type of dsn(i dont know whether it makes any difference ro not)like userdsn, systemdsn,filedsn.. if any one knows pl. tell me. Thanks in advance.<BR>""<BR>regards,<BR>A nil.

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    You need to set up Personal ORACLE on the web server, and then create a database alias using the SQL Net Easy Config Utility.<BR><BR>From there, your connections string is like the following...<BR><BR>Application("DbConn_Connection String") = "DRIVER=Microsoft ODBC for Oracle;UID=userid;PWD=password;SERVER=aliasname;"< BR><BR><BR>Just make sure you use the Microsoft Drivers, as the ones from ORACLE do not work.<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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