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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>Hi<BR>I am having some problem with View my webform i have lot of controls(text boxes,Dropdowns) ..On the page_load i am populating all the controls.. i am submiting the page for each row insertion into DataBase..after some time (in my case after inserting 4 rows) while inserting the 5th row i am getting the error page not found..all the times Viewstate is carrying all the rows data..if i disabled the view state i am geting the error Object Reference Not set to an instance . Null reference exception...if anybody have idea please help how to solve this issue..i dont want to disable the Viewstate..bcoz i am populating all the fields from vewstate in page load<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Satya<BR>inurdreams143@yahoo .com<BR>

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    Odd.<BR><BR>Check the event log, it doesn&#039;t sound like the problem is really viewstate.<BR>

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