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    Has anyone used web services to make a real time request to an AS/400? Right now my organization communicates with an AS/400 through a scheduled job of a DTS package on SQL Server 2000, to push and pull data. We'd like to do this real time.

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    Never done it but it can be done<BR><BR><B R><BR>Be careful because AS400 has "different" date format and has signed integers.

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    Default Do you mean...

    ...that you want the web service to run *ON* the AS/400???<BR><BR>I doubt anybody here can answer that. No idea what an AS/400 is capable of when connected directly to the internet.<BR><BR>But if you mean to use ASP or ASP.NET on a Windows box to supply the web service and only need to get the data from the AS/400, then yeah, look at WK&#039;s answer.<BR><BR>

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