Greetings all.<BR><BR>I am your newest member; so please don&#039;t greet me rudely.<BR><BR>I have inherited an access application - application written completely with access as both back-end and front-end.<BR><BR>I have tasked with converting the access application into a web-enabled application.<BR><BR>I think I am up to the task, however, it is a complex project for a church I belong to and I need some help getting past the initial requirement.<BR><BR>The access application layout is almost like a frameset in the sense that it&#039;s got 2 headers with 2 windows and the windows are separated by one line, almost in the middle.<BR><BR>Perhaps the drawing on the link below might shed some light:<BR><BR><BR><BR>On the top left header is a pulldown menu that has menus and sub menus.<BR><BR>If you select a menu, (or a submenu), you get a dropdown menu called groups, immediately below the pulldown menu header.<BR><BR>Below the dropdown menu is by the default, the initial values of the a group.<BR><BR>When I say group, it could be education group with a list of activities; it could be Legion Of Mary Group; it could be Knight Of Columus Group; it could be any group of ministries within the parishion.<BR><BR>But by defaul, the value of one the groups automatically displays at the bottom of a dropdown menu but grayed out.<BR><BR>However, when you select a group from that dropdown menu, the values that are displayed at the bottom are now active.<BR><BR>To the right, is another header. This header is tabbed.<BR>The bottom screen is blank by default.<BR><BR>It becomes active when you select a value from the dropdown menu on the left screen.<BR><BR>In other words, if you select a group from dropdown menu on the top left header, the values for that group are displayed on the bottom screen.<BR><BR>If you select any of those values, the value is displayed on the right window.<BR><BR>Similarly, if you click on any of the tabs on the top right header, the screen, whatever it is, be it an edit screen or an insert screen of just a display screen, is displayed on the bottom of the screen.<BR><BR>Having confused any and all of you willing to help, I sincerely need your help in getting the screens set up.<BR><BR>After which, I can confidently say I can handle it from there.<BR><BR>Please ask me any follow up questions.<BR><BR>Your assistance is greatly sought, and will be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanking you in advance