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    My Problem is simple. I have a relational database, and by using a form that connects to several tables I can input booking data for example. I know how to show a table on the web site using ASP, but because my database is relational adding a record to one table is no good, I need a method of adding data to connected tables at once on a single web page, ie enter customer details connecting to the customers table, and on the same page picking a product from the product table, then putting that order in an order table. Is this possible and how hard is it to do? Help!

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    Simple approach:<BR>On the same page, build 3 sql.<BR>sqlOne="do somthing to my customer table"<BR>sqlTwo="do somthing to my product table"<BR>sqlThree="do somthing to my order table"<BR><BR>then,<BR>conn.execute(sqlOne)<BR>con n.execute(sqlTwo)<BR>conn.execute(sqlThree)<BR>con n.close<BR>set conn=nothing<BR><BR>Fancy Approach:<BR>Needs Ms Transaction Server<BR><BR>jimmy w<BR><BR>

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