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    Hi,<BR><BR>I currently develop on an Intranet consisting of a little over 50 asp based applications making up around 1,000 asp pages. When a user logs into the Intranet a menuing frame is brought up at the top of the page that provides the user with access buttons to the applications that they are allowed to use. This is similar to a standard navigational menu, except that it uses a frame. All applications are served through frames that provide menu options for each application. This setup has worked well for us, because access to applications is centrally managed through the frames and all navigation within the Intranet is consistant.<BR><BR>I have been looking into portal software to replace the framed solution and to provide a framework for us to migrate existing asp pages to My primary concerns are the ability to provide consistant navigation and centralized security.<BR><BR>Does anyone have suggestions on how I can migrate our asp pages over time rather than having to convert everything to before implementation? Does anyone know of a solution whereby I could use an portal infrastructure and access the asp pages without using IFrames? Does anyone have any suggestions on products to look into?<BR><BR>I normally wouldn&#039;t ask such general questions on a forum, but I have been looking for a little while now, and I have not found any good articles on how to implement an infrastructure without migrating existing asp pages beforehand.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Raymond Dalton<BR>

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    i think msdn has guidelines/info for asp to conversion.

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