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    Could someone please tell me how to retreive a cookie(key) for the following syntax.<BR><BR>If a cookie is saved as follows:<BR>Response.Cookies("eQuotePRO")("Symbol" )<BR><BR>What would be the correct syntax on the below example (which does not work by the way)<BR><BR>onClick="this.form.action=&#039;Quote. asp?symbol1=&#039; + getcookie(&#039;eQuotePRO,Symbol&#039;)"<BR><BR>I am trying to extract the "Symbol" key value from the "eQuotePRO" cookie.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.

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    Unless Im reading this wrong, and due to the fact you are in the ASP and not JavaScript forums, couldn&#039;t you just call the cookie in ASP like this?<BR><BR>onClick="this.form.action=&#039;Quote .asp?symbol1=&#060;%= Request.Cookies("eQuotePRO")("Symbol") %&#062;&#039;<BR><BR>Hope that helps

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    Default Client side JS code...

    ...doesn&#039;t understand the concept of keyed-cookies. That&#039;s strictly an ASP invention. Oh, you *could* write your own code to decipher what ASP has stuffed out in the cookie--basically reverse engineer the ASP code--but I&#039;d be hard pressed to recommend that path.<BR><BR>And, of course, you don&#039;t bother to show what the JS function [g]getcookie[/b] is doing.<BR><BR>

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