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Thread: HELP! newbie developer, var passing/storing questi

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    Hello! <BR><BR>First of all I am really new to this, this is my first proper development project and my first go at ASP.NET... so as you can imagine I could do with some help! :S <BR><BR>As the title suggests I am having trouble thinking of a way to access variables, when it comes to seperate client and server side processing. <BR><BR>I am accessing my database through a webservice so dont want to call a delete and re-fresh every time the user performs an action so I have a grid that I am adding and subtracting from on the client side using JScript what I would like to do is store a record of all deleted id&#039;s then either pass these back to the server side or access a session or cookie to do the same so that I can remove the appropriate items from the database... <BR><BR>I cant seem to find any appropriate code to prototype this idea anywhere so any help whatsoever (including constructive (or even outright) criticism) will be massively appriciated!<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR><BR>-NiM<BR><BR>-NiM

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    I think that you&#039;re on the right track. Personally, I&#039;d have the JS, as you call the "delete record method", or whatever it is that it&#039;s doing now, also add the value of that record to a delimited list that makes up the value of a hidden form field. Then, when the page *does* get submitted when the user is finished, you can just grab the value of that one field, parse out the individual IDs, and delete them from the database. <BR><BR>That help at all, or is it clear as mud?

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