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    i am using the following javascript to disable some textboxes when you select a value in combo box.its working fine in internet explorer but not in netscape.can someone modify so that it works bothe IE and Netscape.thanks a lot<BR><BR>function disable_it(){ <BR>Store=FORM1.Report.value; <BR>if (Store == 9) { <BR><BR>FORM1.Days.disabled=false; <BR>FORM1.from.disabled=true; <BR>; <BR>} <BR>else if (Store == 0){ <BR> FORM1.from.disabled=false; <BR>; <BR> FORM1.Days.disabled=true; <BR> } <BR>else { <BR><BR>FORM1.Days.disabled=true; <BR>FORM1.from.disabled=true; <BR>; <BR>} <BR> <BR>return; <BR>}<BR><BR>

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    The disable property does not work with Netscape. You should find another way to do it or you can check the brower name before display the info. You can replace the text box with the orginal text.<BR>Hope this will help you.

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