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    I have an ASP page which redirects to another ASP page and passes a reqest variable. Basically, this is a product search that completes, but if someone hits the browser BACK button, the request variables are held and the search is done again. With a "self.history.back" or something this becomes an infinite loop. I have all pages set to expire immediately so I don&#039t think it&#039s a caching issue. This only happens in IE5 and everything is fine if I avoid the request variable. Has anyone else noticed this or have an idea of what I&#039m doing wrong? <BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Craig<BR> m

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    Craig<BR><BR>How about setting a counter at the session level which says that if you&#039ve visited a page once, it shouldn&#039t automatically redo the search on entry?<BR><BR>Just an idea<BR>Franco

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