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    We at Alachisoft are software developers with tight schedules and hard to meet deadlines just as yourselves. <BR><BR>Through this posting, we want to tell you how to eradicate the problem of writing thousands of lines of code for your middle tier.<BR><BR>Many software solutions on the market can do it for you but according to our research there are only three solutions on the market, which can really be of any benefit to the software developer.<BR><BR>One of them is TierDeveloper 4.0. It&#039;s an object to relational mapping tool, which interacts with your database and creates objects for you. Once you go through the process TierDeveloper takes you through (which is fully customizable) it will automatically generate the code you would have been writing yourself.<BR><BR>No unnecessary code (not template based) but only the work you specify. Can&#039;t get any simpler than that.<BR><BR>The evaluation is free, and unlimited, but you can only evaluate code on the sample databases provided with your database, ie. Northwind for MSSQL.<BR><BR>Of course TierDeveloper is also integrated within VS.NET so you never have to leave your IDE and you can generate projects and create code within the environment of VS.NET.<BR><BR>The pricing of this software is very competitive with all the other solutions and it&#039;s great value for money.<BR><BR>You can find more information about TierDeveloper 4.0 at <BR><BR>Cheers Mates, No Worries!<BR>

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    Overall, not a bad add:<BR><BR>Spelling...check<BR>Punctuation...chec k<BR>Indian-sounding company name...check <BR>Cheesy ad copy complete with "Cheers Mates"...check<BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t get my full rating because of overuse of parentheticals. However, I did appreciate the absence of rhetorical questions. Overall, a proud 7/10

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