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    hi,<BR><BR>I am creating a music database. When I input a new record, i want it to look up the fields (from another table) and auto-complete for me. <BR><BR>For example if i&#039;ve already added "Basement Jaxx" as an artist name and I type "Ba", I want it to find "Basement Jaxx". I have managed to do this bit. <BR><BR>My problem lies in that if i type "Bambaata", I get an error telling me that that record is not in the Artists table. <BR><BR>any ideas on how i can get it to automatically add "Bambaata" to the artists table would be greatfully received...

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    i&#039;ve already added "Basement Jaxx" ...<BR><BR>how did you add the "basement jaxx"? cant you use the same methond??<BR><BR>But when user types something that&#039;s not in the database, just insert that record.

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