Hi. I have the following two queries joined together. I would like to combine them into a single query, but I am not very good at combining queries as I haven&#039;t done it much in the past. Anybody want to take a stab at this? <BR><BR>thanks in advance- Tim <BR><BR>First query named "RowU": <BR>SELECT ID,[FR_EXT] As &#039;SatScale&#039; <BR>FROM DATA2 <BR><BR>UNION SELECT ID,[FR_EXT2] AS &#039;SatScale&#039; <BR>FROM DATA2; <BR><BR>Second query that is joined to it: <BR>TRANSFORM Count(RowU.ID) AS CountOfID <BR>SELECT LabelTable.Sort <BR>FROM DATA2 INNER JOIN (RowU INNER JOIN LabelTable ON RowU.[&#039;SatScale&#039;] = LabelTable.Value) ON DATA2.ID = RowU.ID <BR>WHERE (((LabelTable.Sort)=3) AND ((LabelTable.Scale)=&#039;SatScale&#039;)) <BR>GROUP BY LabelTable.Sort <BR>PIVOT DATA2.RDA_RV_BODY In (2,1); <BR><BR>