hi<BR>I&#039;ve been learning ASP.NET off and onn for a year or so. I keep having to go back to standard ASP as I am more comfortable using it. I believe that .NET will allow us to split the website pages into 2 distinct types - the graphical front end and the code-behind pages. So my GUI man can change the look and feel of the page as many times as he likes, and as long as he doesnt change the object names, the page will still work. So it worries me when I see pages with lines such as . . .<BR>&#060;b&#062;Address: &#060;/b&#062;<BR>&#060;%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Address") %&#062;<BR>within the HTML blocks.<BR>Surely that defeats the whole purpose of the concept - mixing code and HTML ??<BR>And if so, then wouldnt it be easier to substitute the script block for a label and within the code-behind move the dataitem from the dataset to the label.<BR>cheers<BR>ajm<BR>