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    Hi,<BR>I have two list boxes from two different tables and a add arrow to add from left list box to right. The new values will be listed in left box and in the right list box existing values are displayed. User can select the value displayed on left list box and press add so that the value gets added to the right list box. After this if he press ADD button all the new values in right most list box should be added to the table.<BR>Is there any idea to do this. ALready i have used Java script and added the data to the right most box but now my problem is with the insert.<BR><BR>Thnx in advance<BR>Ram<BR>

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    It sounds like you need to set up a frameset with your listboxes in separate frames (and probably your table too).<BR><BR>When your user makes a change to listbox A use the appropriate event to pass the value generated to the page in the second frame with Listbox B. Similarly, when the user presses ADD for the right listbox, pass all the relevant values to the frame with the table.<BR><BR>Good luck. Remember that not all browser versions support frames and that you might have problems if the user presses "back".<BR><BR>Franco<BR>lokidude@hotmail.com

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