is it a feasible approach using asp?

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Thread: is it a feasible approach using asp?

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    Default is it a feasible approach using asp?

    is it possible that i have a combobox on the asp page and when i select an option in it, this opens another form that is retrieving some product information from the database and then accepts some user input.<BR><BR>when i click to the submit button in the 2nd form, the 2nd form gets closed and i can retrieve those values back in the 1st form so that i can display what information user entered.<BR><BR>also if i click back to the same choice in the combo-box i should be able to open the 2nd form with the retained values that user had entered previously...<BR><BR>this is the flow i want in a nutshell:<BR>1. Form A has a combo-box<BR>2. i select an option in combo-box==&#062;this opens Form B. <BR>3. form B is 1st displaying some data(Server unix, laptop, etc from the DB and gets some user inputs. User enters values as in say the user wants 5 laptop of fmaily XXX .<BR>4. when i click to submit button in Form B i come back to the FOrm A with the information user entered ... i want to display back in the Form A how many laptops he selected of XXX family <BR>5. when i am back on Form A then and i click to the same option in the combo-box and i want to retrieve back that i entered quantity "5" for LAptop and for family XXX<BR><BR>is this feasible approan using ASP..<BR>pls suggest and provide feedback.

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    Default I suppose so...

    Easiest way would be to put FormB into an &#060;IFRAME&#062; if you don&#039;t mind that older browsers couldn&#039;t use it.<BR><BR>But I don&#039;t understand the point of it.<BR><BR>Why does there need to *BE* a FormB??? Why can&#039;t it all be part of the same form and all you do is start with part of the form hidden until the &#060;SELECT&#062;ed option makes you say "aha! I now need to show this particular hidden stuff".<BR><BR>Incidentally, there is no such thing as a "combo box" in HTML (in the browser). A "combo box" is an ActiveX component that allows the user to EITHER select an item OR type in a new value. HTML doesn&#039;t support that.<BR><BR>

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