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    Ok, I&#039;m very new to asp and asp.net but that is what this page needs to be created in, hence my attempt. What I&#039;m trying to do is query a database with a url variable, thus pulling out the data on that variable (in this case information on individual condo units). I believe that part is all working fine. I have the database connection, I have the query string setup to find the info on the unit that the user has selected, and it returns a dataset... I hope that is what it&#039;s supposed to do. All that is setup in a runat server script inside a function that returns a dataset. <BR><BR>MY PROBLEM: I want to take that dataset and just display individual fields in various locations on the webpage surrounding a floor diagram of the unit. Therefore I can&#039;t really use any of the handy datagrid or datalist objects, I want more control of where the data is going and what html tags are surrounding it. I&#039;m assuiming this must be extremely easy to do, something like in cold fusion where all you need to do is say #fieldname# and as long as it&#039;s nested in a query tag you&#039;re good to go and the data will show up. I hope someone can tell me this is that easy, and explain what I need to do ;-) Thanks a lot!<BR><BR>Ben <BR>

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    Default no problem

    you just access the recordet and the columnname<BR><BR>&#060;%=rs("nameOfField")%&#062;

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