Address Book Problem<BR><BR>Hi you all...<BR><BR>I want to have my address book ready but without lost of info...<BR><BR>if I use my firmware address book I can´t plug into my pc, but if I forget to change batteries I lost the info<BR><BR>If I use a plain text file or a data sheet I need space to storage it, my pc is broken every time<BR><BR>If I build my own online agenda maybe the hosting provider will dissapear and I will lost my data<BR><BR>If I use web based email agendas I must have to choose beetween hotmail, gmail and yahoo, cause only one will survive at last<BR><BR>If I use web based agendas, the use of their administrators is very complicated cause I only need to fill a list, not need the complexity of the administrator, and overall they are focused to email linked contacts, many of my contacts don&#039;t have email...<BR><BR>If I send the list to each account that I have in my web based e-mails accounts, forwarding I can do it as a simple mail or as an attachment, but I need a dinamic list and If import it into a database it needs a fixed structure unless later I code the importer.<BR><BR>If I do as a simple mail I must have to send one mail and update it frecuently deleting the prior mails or send differents mails, maybe one for each alphabet letter, cause the size of the mail has a limit<BR><BR>If I send as attachment, is the same problem as simple mails, the attachment size has a limit so my list can&#039;t grow<BR><BR>If I have many mails in my accounts I will need space in my browsing list and add an adecuated name i.e. <BR>Adress Book - version 1 - letter A <BR>Adress Book - version 2 - letter A <BR>....<BR>Adress Book - version 20 - letter Z <BR>it will make my email very un-usefull<BR><BR>If I use the drafts folder could be a good choice but I must have to do this in tree differents accounts a more complex procedure than a simple fowarding, if I do in only on provider, my probabilities of lost increasses a 66.66%<BR><BR>I can&#039;t use a web blogg cause this is not public information, but the mechanism is very interesting, but If I find a private blogg I will have the problem of incremental files update<BR><BR>So if I do it in paper, I&#039;m contradicting the whole liar system I&#039;ve been purchasing from many years ago...<BR><BR>Maybe a chip in my brain could solve this, so It&#039;s a private place and I can add and remeber using my well stabilized brain procedures, and thinking that nanotech is the next big lie, maybe I must have to wait for the technology or develop by myself (how???)...<BR><BR>Also, In the next life (if exists) I will lost all my info, unless I reborn with the same people of my address book I must have to collect the names again as now...<BR><BR>so can you help me to solve my simple storage information problem? any ideas are welcome...<BR><BR>Hey Billy do you have the same saturday midnight problems, imagine the same problem applied to cash in the hands of Mauricio?