&nbsp;<BR>plz help me out...<BR>i have 3 sets of radio buttons (say R1,R2:: A1,A1,A3:: B1,B2)with click on R1, the set of A1, A2,A3 are visible and with click on R2 the other set of B1, B2 are visible... based on combo either of R1 with A1/A2/A3 or R2 with B1/B2 , values are populated to a datagrid which is lying in a frame(the radio buttons are lying in a separate frame..)How do i go abt this..i m not able to post values from frame to another(fm one aspx page to other i.e, to change the values in datagrid)how do i do this in c#...<BR>plz help me out..<BR>