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Thread: anyone want to give this a shot?

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    hello,<BR>i have a html form which passes the values of the fields to an asp page. If some of the fields are blank, I need to go back to the original html form page and display it with the partially completed data. (the equivalent of hitting the &#039;back&#039; button).<BR><BR>"response.redirect(url)" reloads the page, losing the data<BR>a regular link and javascript window.location give the same result.<BR><BR>i tried--&#062; response.redirect("form.html"& "?field=" & data)which redirects it to the form page and puts the data in the url string, but the form&#039;s actual field remains empty (ie the whole form just reloads)<BR><BR>any help on this would be appreciated!<BR>

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    Default Please DO NOT *CROSSPOST*<BR><BR>We are trying to help you in the post that you have already made.

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