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    Default Help with foreign languages again

    I used the following information<BR><BR>using datatype nvarchar. Information is stored in foreign language<BR>i am testign with russain<BR><BR>tried do the following<BR><BR>information came out looking close but i do think its correct. Help <BR>am i doing this right<BR><BR>&#060;% &#039; this will get the sub sites<BR> <BR> <BR> Response.CodePage = 20880<BR> Response.CharSet = "windows-1251"<BR> <BR> <BR> Dim rs<BR> Dim sqlSub<BR><BR> <BR> sqlSub = "select myTEst from jobs where job_id = 14"<BR> <BR> &#039;response.write sqlSub<BR> &#039; response.end<BR> <BR> <BR> set rs = conn.execute(sqlSub)<BR><BR> response.write rs("myTest")<BR> response.end<BR> %&#062;<BR>

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    Default You forgot Session.CodePage!

    The Response.CodePage is only used to inform the *BROWSER* what code page to use. You *still* need to tell the SERVER what code page to use. (And you really ought to also say which LCID.)<BR><BR>But that codepage (20880) looks bogus to me. Yes! Look here:<BR><BR><BR>That is for *EBCDIC* Cyrillic! That is, old-style IBM 360/370 style mainframes!<BR><BR>Cyrillic for Windows is 1251, same as the charset<BR><BR>Anyway, try changing that and also adding:<BR>&#060;%<BR>Session.CodePage = 1251<BR>Session.LCID = 1049<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>That&#039;s in addition to the Response settings, remember.<BR><BR>

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