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    I have a variable "month" that is assigned a value in a asp page depending on the user&#039s form submission from the first page:<BR>month=Request.Querystring("month")<BR><BR >This page has a click-through to another page.<BR>How do I access/print the contents of month on this (the third) page?<BR>I&#039ve realised that month=Request.Querystring("month")doen&#039t work here but do not know the correct vbscript to code this.<BR>Help please!!!<BR>cath<BR><BR>

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    in the link in second page<BR>&#060;a href="thirdpage.asp?month=&#060;%=month%&#062;"&#0 62;go to third page&#060;/a&#062;<BR>on the third page<BR> month=request.querystring("month")

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