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    Default Referencing a total in ASP

    Here is my SQL Query...basically I count how many open work orders each supervisor has using a compute clause. Is there any way to reference that total in an ASP page? Thanks<BR><BR>select a.orderid, a.supid, a.orderdate, s.supfirstname, s.suplastname<BR>from a_orders a, a_sup s<BR>where orderstatus = 0<BR>and a.supid = s.supid<BR>group by a.supid, a.orderid, a.orderdate, s.supfirstname, s.suplastname<BR>order by a.supid desc<BR>compute count(a.orderid)by a.supid

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    Default I *believe* you need NextRecordSet

    Because the number and type of the columns in the COMPUTE&#039;d part may not match the individual records, and because ADODB.Recordset expects all rows of a single recordset to be homogeneous, I *think* you have to use ADODB.Recordset.NextRecordset to get the COMPUTE&#039;d results as a separate recordset.<BR><BR>Hmmm....does this mean that you will get two recordsets for each SUPID in this case???<BR><BR>I dunno. Try it and let us know?<BR><BR>

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