How do you drag and drop?

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Thread: How do you drag and drop?

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    Default How do you drag and drop?

    I saw a site the other day that had a drag and drop shopping cart. <BR>You clicked the image of the item you wanted and dragged it into a bar along the bottom. How is that done? DHTML? The site was not in flash but I could not tell what it had been written in. Does anyone know any resouces where I could learn how to do something like that?

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    Default First result(s) on google...

    The first result is an outline of the feature for IE5 (only IE5 I should point out) the second is a link to a "Drag and Drop Shopping cart". Its an applet thats probably why you couldn&#039;t work out what it was written in...<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Tim<BR><BR><BR> &meta=

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