I am using the Summarizing Data with ROLLUP - part 2<BR><BR>I am using your article as a reference and trying to create an datagrid.<BR>I am using Joins and having reference of many tables.<BR><BR>My Query is <BR><BR>SELECT Case WHEN (Grouping(EmployeeTable.username)=1) THEN &#039;MainTotal&#039;ELSE EmployeeTable.username END AS EmployeeTable.username,<BR><BR>Case WHEN (Grouping(CustomerTbl.CustomerName)=1) THEN &#039;SubTotal&#039;ELSE CustomerTbl.CustomerName End AS CustomerTbl.CustomerName,<BR><BR>SUM(TicketEventTb l.EventTime) as TotalEventTime,SUM(TicketEventTbl.BillableTime) as TotalBillableTime<BR><BR>FROM TicketEventTbl INNER JOIN TicketTbl ON TicketEventTbl.TicketId = TicketTbl.TicketId INNER JOIN CustomerTbl ON TicketTbl.CustomerId = CustomerTbl.CustomerId INNER JOIN CustomerLocationsTbl ON TicketTbl.CustomerLocationId = CustomerLocationsTbl.CustomerLocationId INNER JOIN EmployeeTable ON TicketEventTbl.workdoneby = EmployeeTable.EmpId<BR><BR>WHERE (TicketTbl.TicketStatusId = 2) AND (TicketEventTbl.EventStatus IN (&#039;Completed&#039;, &#039;Scheduled&#039;)) AND (TicketTbl.TicketTime BETWEEN &#039;1/1/2005&#039; AND &#039;1/31/2005&#039;)<BR><BR>Group by EmployeeTable.username, CustomerTbl.CustomerName WITH ROLLUP<BR><BR>As you see I am referencing the table name and field name. but this is giving errors to me when I use near the GROUPING(EMPLOYEETABLE.USERNAME) it says I cannot use DOT <BR><BR>Please advise<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Navin<BR>