Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been having issues running ASP.NET under XP with Service Pack 2 and the MySql Connector/NET. <BR><BR>Using VB.NET works fine using the Connector/NET. Since ASP.NET and VB.NET can share the same classes, I&#039;ve built a class which handles opening the DB connection. From VB.NET, the Open statement is instantaneous, using the same class in ASP.NET takes 20-30 seconds to open the connection. <BR><BR>One of my programmers needed to re-install their laptops. I purposely had them only install XP with SP1. Everything else in terms of versions (IIS, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Connector, etc.) is the same as mine. We are both pointing to the same MySql Server which is running under Windows. <BR><BR>When he opens the project from Visual Studio.NET and runs it in debug mode, it takes between 1 and 3 seconds to open the database. Running the same code in mine takes 20-30 seconds. Keep in mind that we are both running IIS from our individual laptops. <BR><BR>Both laptops are the same brand, with the same amount of memory and firmware revisions. The only difference is that I&#039;m running with SP2 and his in on SP1. <BR><BR>I turned off the firewall in XP thinking that was the problem, however that didn&#039;t have any affect. There&#039;s definately something about the combination of SP2 and ASP.NET that is causing this. <BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas??<BR><BR>Thanks