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    Default IIS/Windows 2000 Server with SMP

    We have an intranet running under Windows 2000 server, IIS 5.0, Access 2000 with jet database engine, and classic ASP.<BR><BR>The server is a Dell multi-CPU computer. There seems to ba a serious problem that&#039;s clearly related to the multi-CPU configuration. We get two problems:<BR><BR>1. If more than one person executes our report writer (Excel via server.createobject("excel.application")), we get jet database errors that indicate that a connection to the database is no longer valid.<BR><BR>2. my code properly closes and destroys the excel objects (xls.application.quit set xls = nothing), but they stay in memory when you look at task manager.<BR><BR>I found an old archive forum list somewhere on the internet from Google that highlights both of these problems. Unfortunately, they don&#039;t provide solutions - just the recognition of the problems. <BR><BR>What are the solutions??? I saw somwhere else that Windows 2003 Server/IIS 6.0 properly handles the SMP issue. I don&#039;t want to have to make the customer upgrade unless it&#039;s absolutely necessary. Is there a configuration thing we can do??<BR>

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    Default Excel is single threaded..

    .. and is known to cause problems from web apps.<BR><BR>Unforunately, that&#039;s the truth of it.<BR><BR>And, as far as I&#039;m aware, that&#039;s the trade off people make when deciding to call Excel from ASP.

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