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    Hima Guest

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    I have to create a hotmail or yahoo like facility using ASP. can ne body tell me what is the procedure required or what components can i use to implement it.<BR><BR>Thankx.

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    Hi...<BR><BR>This is a big thing to do involving a mailserver (wich I have never used) but here is the basic way I would do it, but remember that this is not a well-thought-thru ide from my side.<BR><BR>1.<BR>First have a standard login-page so you can check if the user has registered. Just compaire the users UserName and PassWord with the one in the database.<BR><BR>2.<BR>How to let the user send mail....<BR>Do a form containing the usual mail-information like mail, message etc. When the form is submitet you use your servers mail-system. (like CDONTS or Jmail) and send the mail.<BR><BR>3.<BR>How to get the users mail...<BR>This is where the your mailserver come in...<BR>And I have not worked with any mailservers so here I canĀ“t help you very much but you will have to get the mail from the mailserver and then insert it into your database where you have one field for the mail-adress and one for the message (and other for other stuff like subject etc).<BR>So when the user logs in to his account the database is searched for any mail to him (search by mailadress) and then retrived to him.<BR><BR><BR>Im no expert in this area but hopefully this will give you some sort of help.

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    icabod Guest

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    This really depends on the mail server you use and how many users you plan on having. I use a program called MailMax (by smartmax software, The actual program design is pretty shabby... but it works. It uses a standard Access database to maintain user lists... which is going to make your job a hellova lot easier. It actually comes with an ASP backend for maintaining users... but it&#039s written in FrontPage (gasp!). I&#039ve used this code... pulled what useful info I could from it, and created my own. You could probably do the same thing.. .allowing your users to sing up automatically and all that fun stuff.<BR><BR>And on to the messages:<BR>Messages are stored in .box and .que files. I think the best way to retrieve the mail is to shell out the extra dough to SmartMax and buy their pre-fab WebMax component. I&#039ll bet dollars to pesos that it&#039s written in ASP. And it&#039s probably still made in FrontPage (gasp, again!). You can figure out how they do it.. or just figure it out on your own, and write you own program to retrieve mail..<BR><BR>Alternative #2:<BR>Still use MailMax (or ANY email server software that uses SQL or Access database). But also use a third-party component to retrieve mail.. and CDO to send it out. (try ASPPop3 Or, if you&#039re feeling frisky, write your own.<BR><BR>The most important thing to consider is security. 99% of email is completely worthless in terms of privacy value... but you better believe people will get pissed if they find out that "someone else" could read the SPAM the recieve... after all, it is THEIR SPAM, not yours.<BR><BR>All totalled this is a rather large undertaking on your part. Make sure it&#039s running on a dedicated server (your clients will accept nothing less).. with as much bandwidth as possible... people seem to notice speed (or lack thereof) more when their email is waiting.<BR><BR>Happy Prog&#039in

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    fl1rt Guest

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    oh, is that all? : )<BR><BR>It looks like you&#039ve got quite a task on your hands there, and it&#039s far too involved to explain via the board. I am currently building the very same which is near completion and is as one might expect, far indepth than you may first imagine.<BR><BR>The only external software I use, is the AspPOP3 componant from @$70 to communicate with the mail server.<BR><BR>Other than that, it&#039s the usual database storage, lookups, design and functionality of the application that you need to consider.<BR><BR>just to wet your appetite, you can view my beta screenshot at:-<BR><BR><BR>Good luck with your project - it&#039s a real monster!

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