I have the following routine in my header user control. Basically in Classic ASP it used to count the users in the chat room. It is giving me an error right now.<BR><BR>Public Sub GenerateChatterCount()<BR> Dim ChatIDs As Object<BR> Dim ChatterCount As Short<BR> Dim ChatNames() As String<BR> Dim c As Integer<BR> Dim ChatNameList As String<BR><BR> ChatIDs = Application.StaticObjects.Item("ASPChat")<BR> ("ASPChat").Items<BR> ChatNames = Application.StaticObjects.Item("ASPChat")<BR><BR> ChatterCount = 0<BR><BR> For c = 0 To Application.StaticObjects.Item("ASPChat").Count - 1<BR> ChatNameList = ChatNameList & ChatNames(c) & "/"<BR> ChatterCount = ChatterCount + 1<BR> Next<BR><BR> If ChatNameList &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> ChatNameList = Left(ChatNameList, (Len(ChatNameList)) - 1)<BR> End If<BR> End Sub<BR><BR>There is another part to this which was in global.asa. It looked like this.<BR><BR>&#060;OBJECT RUNAT=Server<BR> SCOPE=Application<BR> ID=ASPChatTime<BR> PROGID="Scripting.Dictionary" VIEWASTEXT&#062;<BR>&#060;/OBJECT&#062;<BR><BR>I think the error is b/c this piece of code is missing. Where would something like this go in ASP.NET? I&#039;m assuming globabl.asax, but how and where....the structure is obviously different.<BR><BR>Let me know if seeing the erroring page would help.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.