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    hi<BR>My requirement is that i need to open the excel file inside the<BR>browser. I will be retrieving the data from the database and then letting users input some data inside it. when the user clicks the save button I will save the excel file on the server and send him as an attachment.<BR><BR>Actually i am able to do most of the things related to it. But there are only 2 things which are frustrating me. I just dont know what to do..<BR><BR>1. When i open the file i write in something I want that when the user clicks SAVE button, i will save the excel file and after saving it,i want that it should close the excel file opened in the browser. I tried all possible ways of thru coding in excel like application.quit,thisworkbook.close etc...but nothing works.<BR><BR>2. WHen i open the file on the IE browser and i type in something i and i dont click save, and then try to close the browser then I get some message like<BR>"the document has been modified.Do u want to save the changes<BR>yes: save your changes<BR>no: discard your changes<BR>cancel: keep this document open.<BR><BR>i dont want this to appear...how can i achieve this.<BR><BR>pls do suggest

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    Default Sigh...you can NOT do this

    Why do you persist in asking the SAME question in many different forms?<BR><BR>&#062; when the user clicks the save button I will save the excel file on the server <BR><BR>No, you will NOT do that. You CAN NOT do that. There is now way that a save button *IN A BROWSER WINDOW* can save *ANYTHING* back on the server. At least, not without a custom ActiveX control.<BR><BR>And I think it is the same answer for your second question. The message you are getting is *ACTUALLY* coming from the Excel DLL that is showing the spreadsheet inside the browser window. And JavaScript has no control over that DLL, that I know of.<BR><BR>If you think I am wrong, then ignore my response. But I, for one, see no point in continuing along this path. I strongly believe that what you need is to *NOT* use the browser. You probably need to write a custom application and/or simply have your users use Excel, alone, assuming that you are doing this on a LAN and *not* over the internet.<BR><BR>

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