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    Hi,<BR>This is regarding upload of ASP.Net project,Backend is SQL Server 2000.I uploaded frontend and backend sucessfuuly and setted virtual path.Connecting to server using VNC Viewer.When I am trying to access UploadedProject using URL say:http://localhost/TestProject/home.aspx ,am able to access it very fine.But after converting localhost to IP address say now URL is :<BR>am getting Error "PAGE NOT FOUND" .Tried every possibilities and any help even littile help would be appreciable.<BR><BR>Please suggest what I am doing wrong.<BR><BR>Thanks Beforehand.<BR>

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    If you&#039;re accessing it locally you&#039;ve got the wrong URL, if remotely its your firewall.<BR><BR>Are you using a router? If you are then you&#039;ll also need to forward the port requests on to your local server. (check Google for your router).<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Tim

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