Hello,<BR><BR>I have a simple web service that accepts data from services running on various machines in our network. (about 1000) It&#039;s running on IIS 5.0. It works great for a while, but eventually all requests are rejected until I restart the aspnet_wp process. So I opened Performance Monitor and selected the ASP.NET-&#062;RequestCurrent, ASP.NET-&#062;RequestQueued and ASP.NET-&#062;RequestRejected counters. The RequestQueued counter keeps increasing with each call to the web service, and it NEVER decreases...even though the web service is accepting requests and processing them correctly. It even increases if I just call the .asmx page to view methods available. After a while, the requests just time out, but they never actually get into the rejected counter. I have tried changing settings in IIS and macine.config to see if I can remedy the situation. The only thing that can fix it is to restart the aspnet_wp process.<BR><BR>I have tried this on other IIS 5.0 instances, and it doesn&#039;t occur on all, but it does on some. And it never occurs in IIS6.0.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Danny