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    Default Capturing Textbox Control Changes

    I am sure this is an easy question for someone, but I am having trouble capturing changes to a textbox after the page is loaded. I have a textbox whose text property is set to a dataset item as when a page is loaded follows:<BR><BR>txtRev.Text = Contds.Tables(0).Rows(0).Item("ReviewTxt")<BR><BR> On button click I want to capture changes that may have occured to the textbox but everytime I submit the form, the textbox.text comes back as the original text. I tried finding the control after the button is clicked: <BR><BR>tbox = Page.FindControl("txtRev")<BR><BR>with no succes.<BR><BR>What am I missing??<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default turn on tracing

    (by putting Trace="true" in the page declaration)<BR><BR>and look in the "Control Tree" for all the controls on the page...... you can get the "true" id of that field right there

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