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    have a list box.<BR>I am adding list items to it in client side java script.<BR>When I post back the page, the server script does not recognize that there is an added list item. If at load time there was 3 items, the server script still recognizes only those 3. <BR>Is there any way around it?<BR> <BR> <BR>

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    Default They're only added on that instance of the pa

    They&#039;re not added to the page themself, well thats how I remember it from ASP days, when they add one via the JS I doesn&#039;t change the code and I beleive if they&#039;re not selected the post back may not register them, though I haven&#039;t tried it myself.<BR><BR>One solution may be to store the additional items in a label or div for reference in the code later I guess.<BR><BR>To see what I&#039;m talking about, add the new items and then view the source of the page, only the origional 3 will be there.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Tim

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