I have a repeater control that is populated from a PagedDataSource this works great.<BR><BR>The problem is that I now need to redesign the table. As it&#039;s a fairly complex table, I want to use a stringBuilder instead.<BR><BR>QUESTION 1:<BR><BR>Can you attached that PagedDataSource to a dataset, and then walk through that dataset manually? I&#039;ve used objOleDbAdapters to attach a DB query directly to a DS, but I&#039;m not sure how to go from pageData to a DS.<BR><BR>QUESTION 2:<BR><BR>Is there any way to page through random record lengths? To better explain the situation, here is the data that is being returned:<BR><BR>itemName &#124 itemAssociation<BR>-----------------------------<BR>apple &#124 monkey<BR>apple &#124 horse<BR>apple &#124 pizza<BR>shoe &#124 orange<BR>rock &#124 roll<BR>rock &#124 sock<BR><BR>there are 6 records above, but I actually want to page through unique itemNames. Is that something I can do with the PagedDataSource or is this simply something better handled through manually (ie, SELECT all records in one DB query, then sub-select from copies of that dataset?)<BR><BR>