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    Hello Guys,<BR><BR>i m working on one real application and thre is one page on that thare are 8 to 10 images of company and when u clik on any images it goes to report.asp file which is common for all company logo and over there in report.asp it generate report according what report u select. now i want to make some changes in standardized report page for anyone particular comapny so i can generate report according to that comapny. if i make any changes to report.asp file which affect to all company report display so <BR><BR>anyone can please give me some idea of it how do i have to work ahead.<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default Two choices...

    (1) Use a separate page for each company. For the parts that are the same, use #include files so you only need to update one file when changes are made.<BR><BR>(2) Use LOTS AND LOTS of "IF" statements.<BR><BR>I would go with (1). With only 10 companies to worry about, it&#039;s going to be easier to have all your standard stuff in #include&#039;d files and then the custom stuff is completely separate. My answer might be different if you had 40 companies. I *know* it would be different if you had 400.<BR><BR>

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