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    Default parsing table values from external page

    Hi i&#039;m using article at:<BR><BR><BR>i tring to grab the table colums information starting with column "Form":<BR> e=&SIC=&State=&CIK=&owner=include&accno=&start=0<B R><BR>Being a newbie i&#039;m having problems getting the function to work. this is how i&#039;m calling the functions:<BR>Call GetCell("2"," e=&SIC=&State=&CIK=&owner=include&accno=&start=0" ) <BR><BR>thanks for the pointers!<BR>

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    Default That's pretty crappy code...

    It doesn&#039;t admit to the possibility of a &#060;TR&#062; having a &#060;TD&#062; with a COLSPAN, just for one example.<BR><BR>And it doesn&#039;t really handle nested &#060;TABLE&#062;s at all.<BR><BR>What&#039;s TRULY ugly is that if you want the contents of another cell, you have to go re-read the ENTIRE PAGE from the other site. Quadruple BLECH.<BR><BR>But one big error you are making is that you are calling a function and then just throwing away what the function returns.<BR><BR>You need to do<BR> someVariable = GetCell( 2, "...." )<BR><BR>[And the 2 should NOT have quotes around it.]<BR><BR>But, really, you should reconsider doing it this way. It&#039;s hard to imagine anything much worse in terms of performance.<BR><BR>In any case, by my count &#060;TD&#062; number 2 is this one:<BR> &#060;td colspan="2"&#062;&#060;img src="/images/pixel.gif" width="1" height="7" alt=""&#062;&#060;/td&#062;<BR><BR>Okay, so now you have an &#060;IMG&#062; tag for you efforts. Not too helpful, is it?<BR><BR>Truly, throw that junky code away and find a good way to do this.<BR><BR>The worst part is that you only get 80 filings at a time...and by the time you ask for the "next page", another half dozen filings have come in, so your first page is trash. You REALLY need to find a "live" real-time feed, I think.<BR><BR>

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