Below we describe our application, our current problem <BR><BR>Our index page looks like that:<BR><BR>left top frame&#124 right top frame<BR>============================<BR>Main frame &#124 right side frame <BR> &#124<BR><BR> 1...... in a Top Right frame¬* - menu needs to expand to the left or down over frame<BR><BR> 2..... in right side frame - menu needs to expand to the left or up over frame<BR><BR>Source of index page, main frame and right side frames locate on the different domains but on the same server.<BR><BR>For example: website address is, source for the top right frame is ‚Ķ../‚Ķ./comvid.asp and source for the Right side frame is‚Ķ./CArea6.asp . Menu buttons locate on the Right side frames. When menu choice is selected¬* we need to be able to change main frame source which locates on the website domain (<BR><BR>We have dozen WebPages and domains but all WebPages have the same right frames¬*¬* with a source in the<BR><BR>Menu button we use right now works only when source for right frame locate on the same domain as a website.<BR><BR>Appreciate your help<BR><BR>