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    Forgive this question if the answers abound, but I have had trouble finding a good example. I am using ASP.NET to create master detail pages that allow for adding,editing and deleting of the &#039;details&#039; portion of the master detail relationships. I have not successfully created a master detail that would allow for adding editing and deleting on both the master and detail portions on the same page. So I have attempted to create a detail page that uses a dropdownlist for the &#039;master information&#039; as the means to select the details. The details are in a normal ASP.NET datagrid with the full add edit update cancel etc code which would normally work and does work fine in a non &#039;master detail&#039; context. In the &#039;master detail&#039; context when I attempt to select a detail record for deletion it is looking for 2 keys - the first being the one coming from the master and the 2nd which is the key for uniquely identifying it with the details. I cant seem to figure out or find the coding necessary to have it search and find the unique record because only one of the keys is being passed. Are there any excellent code samples anywhere which show how to do this , or give a good wider picture of being able to do successful adds edits and deletes for forms that have both master information on them and detail information? Most of the examples I find show how to link up a master and detail for purposes of simply displaying the details, not to do the full create update and delete functionality.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Whats wrong with Scott's article?

    Doesn&#039;t it cover exactly what you want?

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