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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a very strange situation.<BR>I have an access database that is writable through web pages.<BR>I can see that once the database is in localhost (my pc), after the webpage is loaded, the file*.ldb is opened and closed.<BR>But when the file is on the webserver, it is never closed.<BR>And when I open it to edit, and close it, the ldb is closed then, but then again it is re-opened when the webapge which write to is used, and the ldb is never closed.<BR>Why is it different on localhost then on the webserver?<BR><BR>I have another writable database, wherer I am the only one who access the web page to write to it, but it is readable by users all the time.<BR>Again, once I open a webpage that only reads from it, the ldb is opened and is never closed.<BR><BR>Before we switched to a new server we never had such problems, and the ldb&#039;s were opened and closed all the time.<BR><BR>Also, it seems that it causes failure on the website because of that.<BR>Is there some definition on the server that can cause the database npt to bt closed?<BR><BR>Actually, when we use one server the website does not fail, but when we use replication, thus working with two servers, and files that were changed in server a, are copied to server b.<BR>The above databses are not part of the website, so they are never replicated, bacause they are writable, so there is one copy for each, but only when replicating - the website fails. What can be the reason for that?<BR><BR>I am very sure the connections are closed.<BR>Btw - Is there a way to test if the connections are closed,<BR>and response.write this status?<BR><BR>Thanks for answering any part of the above questions

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    dont know about most of your problem, but here is a function that will test to see if a connection object is open.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> public function is_open_conn(conn)<BR> is_open_conn = false<BR> if (isobject(conn)) then<BR> if (conn.state = 1) then<BR> is_open_conn = true<BR> end if<BR> end if<BR> end function<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>just pass it your connection object. returns true / false.

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